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Our site uses cookies, as almost all websites, to provide the best possible experience. Cookies are x-small text-files that are stored on your computer, tablet or mobile phone when browsing websites.

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Permit the use of cookies
If the settings of the browser that you are using are set to accept cookies, it means that you give permission for the continued use of the same in our website. If you want to remove or not to use cookies on the site you can do so by reading as follows, but in doing so the site will not work as you would expect.

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Cookies for the operation of the site
Disabling these cookies the site will not work properly.

Functions of third party
Our site does not include the functionality provided by third parties.

Statistics visits Cookies
We use cookies to compile visitor statistics, like the number of people who have visited our web site, what kind of technology they are using (eg Mac or Windows, which helps identify when our site is not working as it should for certain technologies), how long they spend on the site, which pages they navigate, etc. This helps us to continually improve our website. These programs, called Analytics, also tell us how you have reached this site (for example, from a search engine), and how long you got there, so they can invest in development rather than marketing.

To these purposes we use the following cookies of Google Webmaster and Analytics :

Cookie name

Cookie Type

Cookie description

Cookie duration



time of user's visit - necessary to third-party service Google Analytics and Webmaster.

2 years



user dropout rate - necessary to third party service Google Analytics.

30 min



provenance user - necessary to third party service Google Analytics.

singola sessione



performance - necessary to third-party service Google Analytics.

10 min



provenance user necessary to third party service Google Analytics.

6 months

Block Cookies
You can usually modify your browser setting to prevent accepting cookies (Learn how here). In this way, however, probably you will limit the functionality of our and most of websites all over the world since the cookies are a standard part of most modern websites. It may be that your concerns about cookies relate to so-called "spyware". Instead turn off cookies in the browser you may find that the anti-spyware software achieves the same objective by deleting cookies automatically considered invasive. Read more information about cookie management with anti-spyware software.